A morning with Avneet

The morning started off with my Mother whatsapping me to tell me ‘the little one is coming over’ (My Mother has become very fond of whatsapping me and my brother thing WHILE in the house!) I managed to get out of bed,with more ease than I did on Saturday (DOMS killed!) Fast forward to 20 minutes and I’m still getting up and Avneet arrives! Yay!

I started my day off by joining my Mother in feeding Avneet and boy, how fun it was! You see, Avneet is a weird little baby, she likes you to finger feed her, she does not like the spoon, hence using your finger to feed her (It’s weird, I know!) For now it works, but I don’t know what is going to happen when she has a tooth coming in! Ow! Anyway, the usual happened, she decided to challenge my Mother in the food challenge and Avneet always wins, my Mother rarely gets win, ’cause she’s too soft! (Only when it comes to Avneet, no-one else, not even me or my brother!) Which means, Avneet has my Mother, her Nani, wrapped around her little baby finger! Mother would never admit it, but she knows! 

Feeding time done, Avneet is ready to play! As Avneet is coming up to 9 months, she is now crawling around as quick as lightning, you don’t get a minute’s sit down before you’re up again running after her or making sure she doesn’t bump her head or lick or put something in her mouth. That’s another point, she licks EVERYTHING and EVERYTHING goes into her mouth! My phone, my necklace, my lip balms, my finger, the strings on my hoody, every damn thing! As the months go by Avneet is developing her own personality and once of these developments is she now screeches/shouts in her little baby voice if you don’t give her what she wants, so for example, I took her little toy and she scrambled onto me and ‘yelled’ at me in her little baby voice! Can you believe it, she yelled at me! Me?! Her favourite Masi! I found it quite funny and cute, I guess she does take after me after all! =D


This is what Avneet’s play time looks like, she tried so hard taking that cushion down and instead it took her down! I got to say, she is a very excitable baby and she just about laughs at anything and everything!


I love taking pictures with her, she’s very photogenic! It’s even cuter as she’s got no teeth (When my brother’s reads this, I guarantee he will say, ‘She’s got NO teeth! He can be a little bit of a moron sometimes!)

Fast forward to 2.30pm and it’s time for Avneet to go, I felt so tired after she went, I don’t know if it’s because of the DOMS the day before or she’s actually a lot of work, what with the running around! Either way, I was exhausted but I would do it again, I love spending time with her which most people don’t get. The last thing a 25-year-old would want to do is spend their weekend with a 8 month old baby, but I guess I enjoy it, Aveneet just makes me happy I guess, her and Netflix! Nerfix is amazing! 


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