Oww..Oww..A case of the Doms!


I am in so much pain, it’s unbelievable!

Been out the gym for the most part of May due to Office related illness (where everyone and I mean the whole team were sick/unwell) and I just seemed to have it for the entire month! Which meant the gym had to take a step back, so staying home was just what the doctor ordered.

Thursday, the dreaded day, where it all happened. I had my weigh in and yup, I managed to put the weight back on which I lost the month before. Weighing out the way, headed into the gym with the gym instructor and man, oh man, did he put me through my paces! I’m STILL recovering! A 30 minute session in the gym to change my routine up has left me feeling sore and stiff from my abs to my legs and my glutes! I have never come to know so much pain, okay, that’s a lie, the last time I had DOMS was in March, I think and that was because I didn’t stretch and cool down! Which, I think is what has happened here plus the fact my body was exposed to the shock of the intense work out!

I think what has killed my legs was those lunges (hate those lunges!) There’s 3 different sets I have to do, can’t bear to think how I will do all that next week, need to change my mindset to get over this pain! Oww!! In addition to those lunges, there was the ‘vibrating toning muscle’ machine (I don’t know what it’s really called) That machine, Mother of God!! The vibrations, were so intense! My legs felt like jelly, it’s a scary machine and man, did I try my best to get out of it, but as the AD gym instructor said, “The training wheels have come off, no more gym ball!” Oh, how I miss the gym ball! Guess, I am progressing although at this moment in time, I feel as if I am dying and my legs are going to fall off!

For now, I will go cry in a corner with this pain! Oww!


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