Hey Guys!

This is my 1st blogging site and I have just published my 1st blog, Yay! It’s so nice not to keep within the word count stated (going back to my Uni times now..oops) But I did hate that, there were times where I would go over by 100 words and I’d spend ages cutting it down and then there was the rare time where I didn’t have enough words to type! Me! Not enough words! What?!

So, as you can see I love to type (when I know what I want to say) and I love to talk, which does get me into a little trouble at times!

I won’t keep this too long, just wanted to give an overview of what my blogs are about and will be about. It’s just the random day to day things that happen in my life, with family, friends, work and what the Masi life is all about!

Hope you enjoy the reads and I will try to continue to improve and learn all the nifty little features and layouts that you can do!


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