All the ‘Masi’s’, ‘Mama’s’ and all the family..

I won’t start with the usual, ‘This is my 1st blog’ yada yada! But this is my 1st blog, so I don’t think it will be amazing, but here goes….

So, you see the heading; ‘Masi life and everything with it’, what on earth does that even mean?! Well, the real definition of’ ‘Masi’ in the Sikh family is; Mother’s sister. Now, I have 1 brother and 0 sisters, so you’re probably thinking, “How is she a Masi then?” You see, my family nothing in life is straightforward, which is like my family.

Quick run down of my family tree, I have a Mother & a Father and 1 brother. My Mum has a massive family! She has 3 sisters, 2 of which are living in the USA (Oh how I want to go! It’s on my to-do list, don’t worry!) In addition to that she has 2 brothers and a Mother and Father (Who sadly passed away coming up to a year on June 9th) From the many Mama’s and Masi’s, comes many cousins!

Both my Mama’s (Uncles) live up in the West Midlands while my family and I reside in the South East. So 2 Mama’s means 4 boy cousins! Moving back down to the South East where one of my 3 Masi’s (Aunts) live with 1 boy cousin and 1 girl cousin. Last but not least, going up to the States, there’s the 1st oldest Masi with 1 boy and 1 girl and then the youngest of them all with 1 boy and 2 girls! Phew! That’s a big family!

Moving onto my Father’s side, which is very different to my Mother’s side as the Sikh tradition just does not exist on this side of the family, bit weird for me as it’s a massive difference! My Bibi is my Paternal Grandma and she has dementia which is something quite upsetting but I won’t get into that so soon. Sadly, my Babba, my paternal Grandad passed away when I was 1 which he means he didn’t even get to meet my brother who was born 2 years after. My Father is the youngest of 3 from his family, he has an older Sister who is my Pua and she has 2 boys and 1 girl and then my Thaiya who is my Uncle he has 1 boy and 1 girl.

Now we got that out the way, ‘Masi’, as you now know I don’t have a Sister but my cousin is the closet thing I have to a Sister and since the birth of her 2 daughters, we, as a family have been closer than ever before. So, magically I am a Masi!

Now the important stuff… Who am I a Masi to?


This is Simran, she’s 3 years old coming up to 4 in October! (And me, not looking too good, excuse that)  She’s is such a funny little girl, love the funny things she says randomly. She has her days, when she’s an angel and all I want to do is spoil her and then she has days when she is so naughty, it’s unreal! She’s had a weird little year, having to adjust to not being the only child in the family as on September 20th we welcomed..Avneet into the family.


This is Avneet and my Mother. Avneet has brought so much love and joy into the family especially after a very sad 3 months as my Grandad passed prior to Avneet being born. My Mother struggled the most with the death and I see it day in and day out when she has Avneet over, she has happiness in her eyes again, she loves the little one to bits! It baffles me how a little baby can bring so much joy and has no idea, which is why I’m hoping I can keep this blog going for Simran and Avneet to see how they are the heart of the family.

IMG-20150117-WA0002 That’s me with my 2 little babies =)

Sometimes all I want to do is just chill with these 2 little munchkins. They have no idea how much they can cheer me up when I’m feeling crap and down in the dumps.  I must admit, it is hard work to keep both of them entertained at the same time which is why Manderz (my funny ass brother) he is a big kid himself which makes it so much easier and fun to keep these 2 entertained along with my Mother, #teameffort. Yeah, I hashtagged that!


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